Become a Qubitro Hardware Partner

Aug 24, 2021 2 min read
Become a Qubitro Hardware Partner

We believe that partnering is crucial to the IoT landscape for having a tangible market, regardless of product type or vertical that businesses are in.

Our goal is to enable developers and businesses to easily discover devices and sensors for their connected solutions and yield their ideas into existence in the fastest and the least expensive way possible.

To do that, we are seeking to meet hardware companies independently of their size and vertical.

Qubitro hardware partnership overview

Qubitro hardware partnership program brings your hardware to the front of Qubitro's growing user base and community — along with technical support, personalized co-marketing opportunities, and dedicated partnership relationship specialists.

Benefits to our partners

To our partners, we would like to put effort on:

  • Creating new business opportunities
  • Seamless integration with Cloud platform that runs on best-in-class infrastructure
  • Exclusive branding on the partnership page
  • Marketing through social media channels
  • Content creation with the Qubitro team and Qubitro community members
  • Eligibility for monthly recurring Qubitro credits

Sounds interesting?

Submit your company !

Example content with our partner' hardware

Rapid Deployment of Industrial Outdoor Sensors with Seeed SenseCAP and Qubitro
Seeed has unveiled a series of low-cost industrial grade outdoor LoRaWAN sensors called SenseCAPs....
Real-time Monitoring with WisBlock Modules and Qubitro
Monitor WisBlock Sensors in real-time with ESP32 WiFi Module & MQTT protocol

How to become a partner

It is as simple as our services. Just fill out the form, and our team members will contact you shortly!

Qubitro IoT Platform RAK Business Partner - RAKwireless - IoT Made Easy
Qubitro is a modern, brand and model agnostic IoT platform for designing and developing IoT projects. Connecting devices can be performed via multiple protocols, while security is based on using TLS/DTLS and a built-in token authentication mechanism.
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