We are excited to introduce Qubitro's APIs, to remove the barrier of user interface and help businesses to build connected solutions even faster.

The Problem

The problem is simple. UI (User Interface) is limited.

IoT solutions are diverse in different verticals. The user interface works for monitoring, administration, no-code actions, and so on.

Qubitro simply replaces complex infrastructure and development time for IoT solutions. However, the user interface is the greatest limitation for our backend and infrastructure to offer more and improve the experience.

We want to make developers/businesses able to build their own solutions in a vertical-agnostic way and are happy to release our initial endpoints for APIs today for this purpose.

Quick Overview

APIs contains core actions including:

  • Creating / updating projects
  • Creating / updating devices
  • Downloading & querying historical device data
  • Retrieving basics such as profile information

These are fine, but there is more than that. APIs designed for 3rd. party solutions in mind too that they are flexible than what we offer in our Portal(the user interface).

Features like:

  • Bulk device registration including template options
  • Device token management
  • Device data analytics (simple math algorithms)
  • %100 customizable Rule engine endpoints

are soon to be released.

How it works

The only requirement is the API key to work with Qubitro APIs. Once you create an API key through the Portal, it is optional to login into that again.

For example, to retrieve all projects under account:

curl --request GET \
     --url https://api.qubitro.com/v1/projects \
     --header 'Accept: application/json' \
     --header 'Authorization: Bearer YOUR_TOKEN'

And the response is going to be like:

or it is possible to get code snippets for the preferred language automatically

Let's say you want to get keys for device data. As simple as a single query

Tech Stack

Our goal is to build the fastest and most durable endpoints, which is why are launching APIs into early access.

A quick overview of the tech stack

Learn more and try

Visit API Reference to browse current endpoints today.

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