Today is the day! We are kicking off our Ambassador program! Here is a great opportunity to highlight yourself in a tech community. Create content, get connected with people, and make value.

So, let's have a look at Qubitro Ambassador Program.

What is Qubitro Ambassador Program

Qubitro ambassador program is the global network of passionate, experienced developers and thought leaders who actively support developers and Qubitro Community by publishing content. In addition, our ambassadors actively contribute and support the developers in the Qubitro ecosystem, helping them build and launch highly innovative solutions.

What it means to be a Qubitro Ambassador

Ambassadors are volunteer enthusiasts engaged in various activities globally; by mentoring others, building solutions, and sharing experiences with inclusion and accessibility in mind.

Qubitro Ambassadors are passionate enthusiasts who teach and share Qubitro technologies in these ways:

Content creation

  • Writing blogs,
  • Creating and sharing codes,
  • Making videos (live streams, tutorials, etc.),
  • Creating resource docs,
  • Building tools and solutions

Building Qubitro Community - being a part of Qubitro around the world, helping people on Qubitro portal and answering questions, teaching people about Qubitro services through workshops, courses, and webinars by hosting virtual events.

All participation in the Qubitro Ambassadors program is entirely voluntary. We know that you have many commitments outside. At any point, if you no longer want to participate, please let us know. There will never be any hard feelings.

Benefits Just for Ambassadors

Not only will you get the recognition you deserve from the Qubitro community, but you'll also benefit from...

  • Acknowledgment/appreciation by Qubitro: All ambassadors will be featured on the Qubitro/Community page and will have an individual public profile on the program website!

  • Content promotion: All content created by Ambassadors for Qubitro technologies will be published, supported, and highlighted by Qubitro and the community.

  • Exclusive swag: Ambassadors will own qualified and meaningful swag packages and gifts.

  • Access to Slack: Ambassadors can reach out directly to subject matter experts on the Qubitro Slack channel and ask questions about their work. They are also invited to participate in exclusive projects, events, collaborate on content creation, etc.

  • The Global Network of IoT Developers

  • Special AMA sessions

What are the criteria for acceptance into the Qubitro Ambassadors?

  • Having interest in Qubitro technologies and IoT as a developer.
  • Strong communication skills
  • Creating qualified technical content, including tutorials, code samples, educational books, blog posts, and videos.
  • Helping tech entrepreneurs and developers.
  • Being able to articulate and provide meaningful advice to others.

How to Join Ambassador Program?

We are launching the pilot program on the 4th of August with five people we invited!

If you are keen to become an ambassador, the best place to start is to become an active member of our community – we are always eager to recognize and reward contributors.

                      Do not miss the chance to be a Qubitro Ambassador!->

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