Introducing a new Dashboard for Qubitro Portal.

Introducing a new Dashboard for Qubitro Portal.

We've been working to make it easier for every Qubitro user to illustrate data without complicated setup or integrations in their workflow. Now, it is an easier and a way more scalable experience for current and future users.  

New features in a nutshell

View / Edit mode

The first change easy to notice is the view and edit mod switch. Opposite to navigating to a different page, a common approach, we managed to keep users focused on the same page with a single, easy-to-access switch button.

The other major change is two different behavior of widgets and dashboard layout.

The view mod is pretty sleek and simple. All customization actions like adding new widgets, resizing, or drag&drop are disabled and hidden.

View mod:

Edit mod:

The visual guidance components like resizing identifiers, adding a widget menu, and dotted background appear only in edit mode. It is possible to save the dashboard layout either with the save button or by switching to the View mod.

Adding widget

The second major change is the way of adding widgets to the dashboard.

We grouped major widget types so that it is possible to add them immediately without choosing any data point or customization and work later.

Empty widgets look like the one below.

Customizing widgets

The widget edit/customization feature was the most significant and challenging feature development.

Again, we worked against 5-8 years old experience, such as opening menus from the left or right of the screen.  

Instead, we decided to go with a full-screen pop-up.

It allows a full-screen experience without losing the connection between the dashboard and the customization screen.

It also offers the fastest way of editing existing widgets, such as changing the color or specific property of the chosen widget.

This way, we could also offer specific customization by widget type.

Duplicating widget

The need for the same widget type with different data points and basic differentiations like the color was another experience that we had a chance to learn from our users.

It is now possible to duplicate widgets and change data points and customize without starting from scratch.

New Widgets

In addition to major experience improvement, we added several most-asked widget types like headlines.

It is now possible to group widgets both horizontally and vertically.

It's possible to try the dashboard for free with our Starter plan.

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