Introducing Organizations & Enterprise Plan

Introducing Organizations & Enterprise Plan

Upon successfully introducing Qubitro for Startups and the complementary Partner Perk program, we're excited to introduce Organizations along with the Enterprise plan.

Organizations simplify the management of group-owned projects (for example: a project for your customer or an internal development project) and expand on our permissions system and billing options.

This launch aims to work better with IoT-adopting enterprise customers, IT system integrations, and Startups who build on top of Qubitro services.

And just like the many Qubitro features, the organization feature is available at no additional cost. No base fee or minimum device limit for the Enterprise package.

A home for your organization's projects

Creating an organization helps to centralize all team members, customers, and collaborators.

Members & Groups

Organization owners or admins can create projects under the organization, invite members and create multiple groups to categorize them.

For example, an organization can have 100 members, and 25 could be external customers. It is possible two create endless groups to identify and easily collaborate under projects from up on.

Organization members' roles can be updated at any time.

Advanced Collaboration

We introduced project collaboration for users who upgraded to the Scale plan, which makes it possible to share projects with other Qubitro users.

It is possible to share with groups and a single member with a project role for organization projects. Roles can be updated under the organization page at any time.

Custom packages and automated onboarding

The best part of the Enterprise plan is being %100 customizable. With Organizations, we’ve simplified the structure of our plans.

Personal accounts can continue to choose Starter or Scale plans.

Automated onboarding

Since our business model is Pay-as-you-Connect, we wanted to keep that simplicity even for Enterprise accounts. Every organization has different needs, and we think paying fixed pricing is outdated.

Now, it is possible to talk with us and get a special subscription code to be used while registering the organization. Our billing system will automatically understand your custom pricing per device and limits.

Separate billing & overview

We also updated our Usage & Billing page from scratch.

Organization owners/admins can switch between billing accounts on the overview and payment method pages.

Organization billing overview comes with an overview of the limits and the usage.

Organizations and personal accounts can have separate credit cards as well.

Plan options

For any Qubitro user, our plan page is also updated.


We are very excited to bring our advanced features to any size organization. The organization feature and customizable Enterprise plan are a perfect addition to our easiest-to-use platform for data-driven solutions.

Get started with Organizations today.

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