Introducing Project Collaboration & Access Management

Introducing Project Collaboration & Access Management

We've been working to develop collaboration features for Qubitro users aligned with hundreds of feedbacks we received.

The first significant roll-out is about collaborating on projects; now, it is possible to extend increased limits and enhanced features to all devices and help other collaborators in real time.

New features in a nutshell

Access management

The first noticeable difference is a new tab under the project detail page. We call that Access management that allows Qubitro users to Add/Modify collaborators.

This tab is only visible to project owners or to the project admins.  

Add collaborator button navigates to a simple onboarding page to invite collaborators.

Collaborator Roles

There are three available roles at the moment.

  • Project Access Read Only
  • Project Access Read/Write
  • Project Admin

Roles can be changed at any time for single or multiple collaborators.

User interface changes

For users invited to the projects, we added a new identifier on project names on the left menu. This identifies that the project is shared with them.

Depending on the role, the behavior of the Portal is also changing dynamically.

For example, collaborators with the Read Only role can not update or delete projects, devices, etc.

Important notice

It's possible to try the collaboration with our Scale plan. Users on the Starter plan can still be invited to the projects without extra cost. Invited users are not responsible for the billing of the devices on the project owner's account.

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