Transition from Public to Private Cloud

Transition from Public to Private Cloud
TL;DR We moved from Public to Private Cloud. Qubitro now independently runs on an isolated, private cloud thanks to Equinix Metal.

Scaling dynamic deployments

Our infrastructure evolved from constantly crashing Python scripts to re-written APIs, microservices, queues, multi-node databases, and so on. We are collecting device data from multiple resources through different protocols. And there is also end-user data.

Developing, deploying, and scaling different integrations has become a routine for us. Dealing with the unknown requires a combination of high-availability and high performance.

Increasing the number of nodes, opening support tickets when we hit the resource limit wall wasn't promising and we wanted to solve this once and for all.

Physical infrastructure at software speed

Equinix Metal is a bare metal server provider and they provide physical infrastructure at software speed. You can simply spin-up machines with 2-clicks or with a single REST API request within a minute.

Equinix Metal provides amazing Slack-based support and a public roadmap where you can also provide/vote for features.

Visit the developer page for further information.

Distributing the processes through intra and inter communications of machines.

Our goal is pretty simple, building a digital hub from scratch that is distributed globally and takes care of tons of data while providing a smooth user experience.

We believe that the solution is the interplay of hardware and software where Metal comes to the rescue.

Kubernetes since day one

We have been working with Kubernetes since the prototyping stage and had a chance to work with different cloud/service providers, CI/CD platforms, and other complementary solutions. All these experiences made our transition easy as we were already working on Google Kubernetes Engine.

Before / After

Of course, transitioning to bare-metal wasn’t painless and we had to replace some services and choose new tools. This time, we more focused on the "time" that we were going to spend and picked tools that we have a real-life experience with before.

Kubernetes Deployment & Management - Rancher

We deployed Rancher on AWS EKS for provisioning and managing clusters. Spinning-up machines and installing the desired configuration took only a few minutes, and then we were all set.

Persistent Storage - Longhorn

Longhorn is infrastructure agnostic, combined with Rancher, and meets our expectations for today's workload.

Load Balancer - Kube-Vip

Kube-Vip provides highly available (HA) networking endpoints and is supported by core Equinix Metal integration (CCM).

CI/CD - GitHub Actions & Google Container Registry GitHub Container Registry

We were already working with GitHub Actions and wanted to go with GitHub Container Registry to save time. Moving to the self-hosted solution is the next step.

Monitoring - GKE dashboard Datadog

Datadog provides a cluster agent that makes monitoring simple with no extra setup.

Single Cluster Kubernetes Dashboard on Datadog
Single Cluster Kubernetes Dashboard on Datadog


Bare metal comes with various benefits in addition to lowering costs. We were able to quadruple allocated resources for message-queue services, data processing engines as well as databases and have room for upcoming microservices already.

Requirements and expertise may vary, this is what we achieved in a few weeks at Qubitro. We will be putting more effort to learn and improve the entire infrastructure as we grow.

What is next?

We want to be the #1 Cloud provider for IoT solutions. We are going to deploy Qubitro on different edge locations, put more effort into lowering the latency while introducing new features and services.

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