A couple of weeks ago, we announced that the Qubitro Ambassador program is open to apply.

Now here we are to announce our ambassadors!

Let's start from the beginning;
"What is Qubitro Ambassador Program?"
Qubitro ambassador program is the global network of passionate, experienced developers and thought leaders who actively support developers and Qubitro Community by publishing content. In addition, our ambassadors actively contribute and support the developers in the Qubitro ecosystem, helping them build and launch highly innovative solutions.

If you just hear about the Qubitro Ambassador Program, you can reach out to all the details about the program from here.

It is time to say hello to Qubitro's first 4 excellent ambassadors! It is an honor to introduce our ambassadors.

Here’s more about them, in their own words...

Akshita Gupta

Akshita Gupta from India.
I am a final year student pursuing a Bachelor of Technology from PSIT Kanpur. I am an open-source enthusiast and have a keen interest in IoT. I have created various projects and have mentored the students in open-source programs. I have also won 15+ international hackathons. My love for IoT is never-ending and I will continue creating awesome projects in the future.

I am Rodrigo Hernandez from Argentina.
I’m an electronic engineer working on IT. I’m very focused on IoT. I offer consulting services, giving advice about: IoT devices/hardware, Communications, IoT platforms, Cloud. I'm passionate about writing blogs and creating content on IoT.

Naveen Kumar

I am Naveen Kumar from Tokyo.
I'm Bioinformatician with Computer Science and Information Technology background. I am a maker, tinkerer, embedded electronics hobbyist, and Edge AI, enthusiast.

Ahmad Radhy

I am Ahmad Radhy from Endonesia.
I am an IoT developer, and my background study is physics. I am deeply interested in IoT. I am writing the blog and building projects on IoT. I have attended a lot of contests and hackathons, I have many awards from them.

You can visit Qubitro, and have more information about our Ambassadors.

Before you go...

Qubitro Ambassador Program is still open to apply. Why do not you try?

Also, We have an incredible group of experienced developers here, but we have just as many new community members.

Every community member adds infinite value because no one learns without questions to answer and challenges to solve.
So jump in regardless of your level of experience. Everyone's idea adds value to us.

Join Qubitro Community, ask what you need, and share your knowledge with all.

Let's join together today to create a fabulous tomorrow!