Qubitro vs. AWS IoT Services for the prototype of your IoT product

Build the prototype of your IoT product with a fully-managed Portal and APIs.

Qubitro vs. AWS IoT Services for the prototype of your IoT product
Qubitro vs. AWS IoT Services for the prototype of your IoT product

Designing and/or developing a prototype of your IoT product may vary, which might be to test the concept with your target audience, check that the technical requirements match your expectations, and eventually validate your business case.

Especially for Startups and small development teams, including solo developers, there are specific challenges, including time and financial expenses.

Developing a graphical user interface for specific vertical, non-technical consumer-targeted applications or specific integrations can be given as the most common use-cases.

Platform vs. Services

The significant difference is, for sure, managed platform vs. managed services.

Qubitro consists of a fully-managed Portal and APIs that allow you to connect devices through no-code integrations and low-code protocols like MQTT. As soon as device/s publish data to Qubitro, it is possible to visualize and work on data with the preferred way of the prototype needs.

On the other hand, AWS IoT consists of tens of services, including direct/non-direct integrations with other PaaS (e.g., databases) services. That yields a requirement for development time as well as increases complexity and initial development costs.

The Scenario

Throughout the time, we have seen that the first step of IoT project prototypes is all about accessing data provided through devices/sensors. Hence, we wanted to give a dead-simple example scenario to compare the two solutions provided.

This example is as simple as connecting several devices and publishing data to store and access in 3rd party custom application. This example, however, is not about specific use-case or putting ML/AI operations into the equation; therefore, this post does not cover why TimestreamDB is not cost-efficient and less performant compared to the other available solutions or why NoSQL solutions have disadvantages for large-scaled IoT projects and massive data operations.

The development time and costs

Qubitro is always free for two devices and there is no credit card required. Qubitro has a simple billing model called Pay-as-you-Connect if you need to connect more than two devices. The Scale plan starts from $0.00272/hour  ($2/month), and the Enterprise plan offers reduced pricing and custom limits.

On the other hand; There is no such thing as a 'free' AWS account, and you will always need to provide a credit card to use AWS. Although, it is possible to try several services with Free Usage Tier.

AWS IoT pricing is based on four components: connectivity, messaging, device shadow usages, and rules engine. Since the scenario requires persistence storage and a way to access services like almost all IoT projects, we had to add other services and their pricing into the calculation.


Once you register to Qubitro, it is possible to store millions of rows of data, query and visualize the data and develop your prototype with APIs.  

Qubitro APIs offer querying device data and make it possible to access information like projects, device details, and so on.

The following diagram ignores permissions, optimization of databases and only provides an overview how what it will look like.

Amazon API Gateway is used to access raw device data, without any modification to demonstrate that there is a possibility to access data through managed services. There is no such graphical user interface unless you integrate with different services like Grafana or your own development project.

The pricing also depends. It is possible to have (almost) free services from AWS, if you are willing to take the risk of slowness and random billing. Yet, you still need to develop missing parts like your backend and graphical user interface(if required).


Our goal is to help developers and make IoT projects happen as soon as possible, also, show that it is possible to have scalable solutions without hyper-scale cloud platforms.  

There are situations where Qubitro might not be the best choice; we are improving our product line and courage IoT developers to test and help us improve our current offerings.

Need help or have a question?

Qubitro offers instant, community-based support for free, and it is possible to share your needs and provide feedback, including weekends. You can either write us through chat-bot or join our Forum/Discord server anytime you wish. We improve our product thanks to our community support.

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